Thermographic Analisys

Riccardo Conti
2nd Level UNI EN ISO 9712:2012

I work in Trieste, Friuli Venezia Giulia, Italy and in neighboring Austria and Slovenia.


by Riccardo Conti

I completed my diploma in 1993 and, after several experiences in various technical studios and construction companies, in 2008 I elected to migrate towards the Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) with the infrared method (TT), in which I obtained the Level 2 RINA Certification in 2011, in according to UNI EN ISO 473 and ISO 9712 standards updated to UNI EN ISO 9712:2012.

The 2nd level of certification allows you to achieve results in correspondence with the set rules, to achieve the correct assessment of environmental parameters and post-processing settings, and thus to achieve a correct qualitative evaluation of thermal irregularities of the building envelope (UNI ISO 13187).

I perform two types of reports: Informative report (Panoramic IR) or that of a Thermographic Analysis. The two types differ in regards to the goals one seeks to achieve with an infrared response, in regards to the number of images produced, post- processing data, the time required to perform the measurements, and for a price.

Using other equipment for non-destructive testing (Wood endoscope and lamp), they are able to determine the stratigraphy of a wall, of a floor and to analyze what an interspace hides both for structural purposes and for search losses.

And in the side of the complete prevention of both aspects of Man (Man and his Environment) in 2016 I obtained the certification for medical screening at the IAMT (International Association of Medical Thermography) in the Netherlands; In fact, being able to identify a state of health instead of waiting and seeing a pathology is the key to reading of every thermographic evaluation.

The IAMT certification allows me to operate in a thermografically way on human body to evaluate the areas of different blood supply in order to determine if inflammation is occurring and its concern. These evaluations will be implemented by a doctor of the our staff who will determine the response. The opinion then of the thermograph amplifies the indications of the doctor and it will have of further for the successive diagnosis.